Seven Things Your Kids Will Say Before You Finally Tell Them There Is No Santa Claus

Mommy, you’re so lucky that Santa makes us all these wonderful gifts every year. I really think you should write him a thank you letter.

Santa already knows what I want for Christmas. I mailed my list to the North Pole last week. You’ll just have to wait until Christmas morning to see what he brings me.

Does Santa have a workshop in China?

Just so you know, I’m getting an all expenses paid trip to Disney World for Christmas. Santa said so, right after I sat on his lap for photos and accidentally peed my pants and his suit. He pinkie promised and said to tell you once we got into the car.

If Rudolph’s nose can guide Santa’s sleigh, why can’t it be my nightlight?

All the other kids say their Elf on the Shelf have names, can move, and report back to Santa. How is Santa going to know if I’m naughty or nice if we have a nameless lazy Elf?

Daddy said Santa’s credit card cried this Christmas.