Lacing Up For Fitness Series: Running

Over the past few months I’ve thought about my exercise routine and how it’s basically nonexistent, except for my daily scrambling after the kids. This really scares me because my body isn’t getting younger, and it could use a bit of maintenance after being used as an hibernation chamber 6 times – once with double occupants.

So I thought of an idea to start the Lacing Up For Fitness Series, in which I share different ways I’m incorporating exercise into my lifestyle. There’s also a hashtag (#LacingUpForFitness) I created for you Twitter users to follow my adventures and share your own.

A few weeks ago I drove to the park and started running. Okay, let me rewind. First I clumsily tried to imitate a stretching exercise I saw on the television. After I felt stretched enough I started a brisk walk. Then a slow jog ensued. Until eventually I was in full blown runner’s mode.

Boy, am I unfit! It was a struggle to catch my stride. My entire body was out of sync. I could barely control my breathing or my feet, and my ears were ringing, but I kept right on going until I reached a comfortable pace.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking I ran a marathon in one day. I ran around the park trail until I felt the need to stop. I didn’t measure the distance, nor did I time myself. I’ll do that next time.

It was painful. I threw up and shed a few tears. There were a few older ladies wearing long denim skirts running circles around me. But that’s okay. I’m coming back for more. I don’t like it when the twins push their fingers into my stomach and laugh when they pop out. I know.

Do you run? Are there any essential running tips for beginners that you’d like to share?