A New Year A New Dream

This year I opted to do things differently here at HCCM. Instead of a “Best of 2011″ post I asked a couple of the web’s best bloggers to answer a simple question: As we wave goodbye to 2011 what can we expect from you in 2012?

Eric of Makes Me Wanna Holler says: 2011 was a year of recognition for my blog. After writing for what I perceived to be a vacuum for almost four years I received not one but two awards for best Dad/Daddy/Fatherhood blog. It was not to be recognized for the totality of my message and not necessarily merely categorized as a Black Dad blogger (although this is extremely important as well for reasons too many to explain here). I rode the wave for a bit as it opened new doors for me and I became a little commercialized. I should be able to eat to, correct?

Well with most of 2011 behind me it’s time for a change. Blogging has taken a back seat to the 850 million member behemoth, Facebook. And the social media landscape is “polluted” with content. Not to say that the content isn’t good but it’s everywhere, all the time. A complete overload of information that has me wondering most days, what more can anyone possibly add to the conversation.

In 2012 I plan to go back to the basics of blogging…a pure sharing of my thoughts and opinions for consumption and sharing, but not necessarily for commentary. Blogs in their attempts to not be blogs have turned into these media-rich “magazines” because somewhere along the line we all were told blogs are bad and to remain viable you have to be slick and pretty. Interestingly the greatest bloggers are those with the simplest layouts and the most compelling content. No pictures for every post, no gazillion and one sharing options, no apparent concern for courting readers, just writing to their hearts content. I plan to return MakesMeWannaHoller.com back to that place. Stay tuned for the changes.

Latorsha of Life is Hard Laugh Anyway says: In 2012 you can expect to see me doing some reflecting on 2011. Wait! Let me elaborate! It won’t be a pity party of what shoulda, coulda, woulda. I have learned so many lessons over my journey in the last year. Many of those lessons made me better. You won’t be getting a play by play but as you follow me you’ll see that 2011 TRIED to steal my joy, but I’m still standing and laughing. AND just maybe there will be a testimony or two on the way!

Having started my blog in 2011 I learned so much about the blogosphere. I’ll definitely share some of that information and you can look forward to me making some updates based on the knowledge I have gained.

You will also find me coming out of my shell a bit and exposing the real me even more. I mean it won’t be girls gone wild or anything but I look forward to sharing even more moments of my journey as I continue to live up to my blog title Life is Hard Laugh Anyway.

I hope to continue to raise my own bar for reader engagement and networking. Periodically, you can expect me to solicit feedback as I strive to be a better me. More photos, and even videos are a possibility! Who knows?

I can guarantee that when you stop by my site you’ll never know what you gonna get. Cause honestly I never know either!

2012 I’m ready! I’m ready!

Expect the unexpected!

The best is YET to come!

Denise of Nurturing Creativity says: My readers can expect to SEE more of what I create, which is what I originally intended for my blog when I started it just a few months ago. It’s why I chose the domain, MadeByDenise.net.

I started a side business 2 years ago painting personalized children’s gifts and this year, I’ll be taking that business much further. You can follow along with me in that journey via my blog, which I call “Nurturing Creativity”, and you can expect to find support and encouragement if you’re a creative-type yourself.

I hope to especially help and support others that are hoping to use their artistic gifts to start a business. That is my ultimate mission and purpose of my website and I hope to see it evolve into a great resource as the year continues.
Well said! I myself am eager for this new year. As much as I love this space as it is now, I look forward to the the upcoming changes. Evolution, my friends. I embrace it and I welcome it.

Hugs and Mocha,